Best Baby sleep training methods

Are you in deep need in knowing how to make a baby sleep on its own? Do you make the typical mistakes in your sleep training methods for your baby? Do you want to have a happy baby but still retain your much needed sleep? I am parent of 2 kids and I know that sleep training sounds impossible when first introduced to the concept. I know now that if certain strategies are put into place, baby and you can get the rest that both of you so dearly need. Sleep deprivation is not easy to live with and essentially can be improved. Sleep is necessary for memory, curb inflammation, spark creativity, boost cognitive function, maintain a healthy weight, and so much more.

I used to read blogs of parents painting the perfect picture that they got 8 hours of sleep. They would say “well-rested baby means well-rested parents” and I used to think it was a load of rubbish because my first child certainly was not sleeping well and so her parents were not experiencing the heavenly 8 HOURS that was on offer. My wife and I asked around for help and went to a sleep training seminar and although we were far down the road, we adopted some of the strategies discussed successfully. The knowledge gained eliminated the bad habits from the beginning for child number 2 and the results were: Happy sleeping baby = Happy sleeping parents. I would never have known otherwise if I never saw it for myself. I got an opportunity to see that with proper strategies put into place, 12 month old baby wriggles itself out of Mom’s arms in order to settle into her own bed.

Bad sleeping habits are formed due to many reasons. Perhaps due to: family and friends rituals and beliefs handed down, because society says so, irregular routines and habits, you think it’s too late to teach your baby new sleeping routines, new siblings have arrived, babies are hardwired to not sleep and we have to accept that and many more. Sleep deprivation can lead to depression and anxiety.

Sleep training is accessible and should be utilized immediately so you too can experience the benefits that comes with essential sleep. Simple strategies and routines put into place have helped many parents in the past and they can help you. Sleep training experts are readily available in your area and you should lend your ears out to what they have to teach so you too can be a statistic of having a successful sleeping baby. Many parents have experienced the transition from rough nights to free time to spend with our partners for the ever important bonding needed in a relationship.

Our experts that we would like to introduce are “Pikanini Baby Academy”. They provide range of private consultations and workshops to empower parents to deal with the challenges of parenting. “Pikanini Baby Academy” are able to help new and seasoned parents figure out the stimulation, sleeping and caregiving issues of their babies and toddlers. “Pikanini Baby Academy” have experience collected over the past 11 years and are in a great position to provide advice and strategies on establishing sensible routines for sound sleeping habits. “Pikanini Baby Academy” will help you become a positive, pro-active parent that will be ready to face any new challenge!

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Best Baby sleep training methods








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