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Investment Training

Have you been looking for a workshop on the correct methods for Investing? How do you do it? What to be looking for? What is the JSE Equities market all about? Management of equity Portfolios?

We have just the right Uncle in the business that will teach you how to invest in the JSE like a true professional. Charles Hattingh will provide essential lessons on all aspects of portfolio management.

Amongst the clutter of the hundreds of investment courses available, you are privileged to have found an effective and efficient investment workshop that will truly help increase your wealth. Book yourself on the next available workshop and please come back and leave a review on how Charles Hattingh truly deserves to be amongst the “Best Selected for You”

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Financial Fitness

Woman&Finance is a platform that educates and inspires women to take charge of their finances.

Woman&Finance empower their clients with financial tools, tips and techniques through their 1-on-1 personal finance coaching, employee financial wellness programs, workshops & webinars. 

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Entrepreneurship and finance for kids

We have a global youth unemployment crisis. Stats SA Revealed in September 2018 that 69,000 jobs were lost in four months in South Africa. The average job occupancy period is estimated at 4.6 years and the average lifespan of listed companies is falling at an accelerating pace. Job security has all but vanished and the economy is uncertain. Another statistic claims that 65% of children entering primary school will end up working in a new job type not yet existing today. You will agree that the job terrain is changing. You will agree that in order to get ahead, your kids will have to be equipped with more than schools are offering.

Our school system is inadequate and ill prepares children for the world of work and business and few teachers have the skills, time or resources to implement an extensive value-adding financial literacy or entrepreneurship programme. School do not teach basic financial skills and therefore many kids leave school without a winning financial formula and the necessary survival skills. The premise that good grades at school and then a qualification after will ensure job and financial security is no longer valid – the amount of unemployed graduates proves this point.

“Young Entrepreneurs” teaches children, between ages 7-18, vital entrepreneurial, financial literacy, employability and workplace readiness skills and helps them start and grow their own micro-enterprises in a fun and experiential way. Give your child a head start in life.

Send us an email now and subject Entrepreneurship and finance for kids, we will send you a coupon code as soon we identify special offers that “Young Entrepreneurs” may provide because they understand that your kids future should be bestselected4u. 

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