For Him

Drones for Africa

The “For Him” category would not be complete without the amazing Drones that are available today. This technology has captivated us in such a way that no matter what the reason we just have to have it. Future technology together with amazing features are at our finger tips in the form of Drones.

Drones present many opportunities, such as, photography, movie making, mapping, 3d modeling, precision agriculture, advertising real estates, inspecting structures and equipment, competitive racing etc. These are just the tip of the iceberg for money-making activities as the list is always expanding as drone applications and capabilities are always being developed.

Best Selected For You have found the best supplier for extended Drone packages. Allow us to introduce Drone World. Drone World have a large selection of DJI Drones and they guarantee that they can beat any deal out there. This is a no brainer to use the services of Drone World. Many of the professionals use Drone World and they are based all over the Country.

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Personalized Man Cave

Men need a place to go to in order to escape and unwind such as a man cave. Ladies, we know you do too so why not check out the “For Her” category for ideas.

 Whether the unwinding required is emotional, psychological or physical, allow our featured designer to assist in getting you what you want.

YES! We have found the official “” who will personalize your man cave space just the way you want. We are super excited to have “” part of the family.

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The thrill of arcade gaming

Bring your past back to the future without the fear of being smacked behind the head by your parents. Do you remember the addictive stage of your life where your spent your time and coins of your childhood behind an arcade machine? Do you once and for all want to get to the end of the game and smash that highest score, all be it in the leisure of your own property?

Invite the younger “you” back in your life by owning an authentic video arcade machine. Show your family, friends and work colleagues who’s the boss in Konami Track and Field and of course all your other favorites! Allow you staff to relax and unwind as they compete amongst one another for top position or show your kids that you are the coolest parent ever.

“Home of Arcadia” have large collection of Arcade machines, Pool Tables, Foos Ball Tables and Pinball tables. They have the best of all the classic games. They offer FREE delivery anywhere in South Africa on selected products.

Send us an email and subject The thrill of arcade gaming, we will send you a coupon code as soon as we identify special offers that “Home of Arcadia” may provide because they understand that the selection of arcade machines should be bestselected4u.

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Advanced Driving Skills

The aim of Adrenalin Advanced Driving Academy is to provide licensed drivers with advanced driving training to raise awareness, skill levels and assess attitude and the potential dangers associated with the wrong attitude.

All Adrenalin Advanced Driving courses are conducted in a relaxed, but controlled way to encourage participant interaction and involvement. The focus of an Adrenalin day is definitely not on driving fast and dangerously!

Advanced driving techniques, driver attitude and vision will be covered together with correct use of modern safety features. An explanation of the correct braking techniques will be covered before being put to the test in a practical demonstration.

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