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Nurturing your children to enjoy reading is an undertaking. One suggestion to help is to incorporate reading into their everyday routine. After they get settled down for bed, have your kids read for a minimum of 30 minutes. This could be silent reading, parents or siblings reading aloud to one another, and/or listening to books on audio. Reading is a valuable time for your kids to wind down from the day and use their minds more introspectively. You can even turn it into a time where the family reads together. This time together is more important today due to our fast paced, frenetic society.

Watch your Kids achieve through reading. Watch your Kids develop through reading. Watch your Kids grow through reading. Watch your Kids soar through reading.

Read, create and educate with the help of Kids Book Club.

Receive a carry bag to colour in, books to read and interact with, an activity pack to keep your kids busy and an awesome collectable. All packed with love and delivered directly to your door monthly for all to enjoy.

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