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Expecting? I know how it feels. Its excitement in the beginning and then develops into planning for when baby arrives. Decisions have to be made. Where will baby sleep, where will be baby be changed and where will baby’s clothes be packed are amongst the many questions that will be asked during the months of preparation.

As a parent to two girls I know that it is daunting in deciding where to purchase the things you need? Not to mention getting quality at reasonable pricing. Best Selected For You have found the best place for furnishing your baby nursery. Allow us to introduce Baby Boutique Online.

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Best Baby sleep training methods

Are you in deep need in knowing how to make a baby sleep on its own? Do you make the typical mistakes in your sleep training methods for your baby? Do you want to have a happy baby but still retain your much needed sleep? I am parent of 2 kids and I know that sleep training sounds impossible when first introduced to the concept. I know now that if certain strategies are put into place, baby and you can get the rest that both of you so dearly need. Sleep deprivation is not easy to live with and essentially can be improved. Sleep is necessary for memory, curb inflammation, spark creativity, boost cognitive function, maintain a healthy weight, and so much more.

Bad sleeping habits are formed due to many reasons. Perhaps due to: family and friends rituals and beliefs handed down, because society says so, irregular routines and habits, you think it’s too late to teach your baby new sleeping routines, new siblings have arrived, babies are hardwired to not sleep and we have to accept that and many more. Sleep deprivation can lead to depression and anxiety.

Our experts that we would like to introduce are “Pikanini Baby Academy”. They provide range of private consultations and workshops to empower parents to deal with the challenges of parenting. “Pikanini Baby Academy” are able to help new and seasoned parents figure out the stimulation, sleeping and caregiving issues of their babies and toddlers. “Pikanini Baby Academy” have experience collected over the past 11 years and are in a great position to provide advice and strategies on establishing sensible routines for sound sleeping habits. “Pikanini Baby Academy” will help you become a positive, pro-active parent that will be ready to face any new challenge!

Send us an email now and subject Best Baby sleep training methods, we will send you a coupon code as soon as we identify special offers that “Pikanini Baby Academy” may provide because they understand that strategies for well being of your children should be bestselected4u.

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Doodled Dolls

Drawing is a child’s natural way of communicating their short experience in life and provides a unique perspective of their small but colourful world. Within the skewed lines and crayon marks, are brush strokes of honesty and integrity. 

 How wonderful it is, that their creation can manifest into warm, fat and lively soft textures to stimulate the other senses of fun. 

 Send us your 4-8 year old child’s personal drawings and we will make a personalized soft toy to play with and to keep.

We make it our mission to make our DURABLE soft-toys to be CHILD-PROOF and exactly the same as the drawings submitted to us. The soft toys are approximately 35cm in length.

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Therific Family Bath Salts

Our bodies require many minerals for optimal health. Two of the most important minerals are Magnesium and Sulphate.

Kiddy Calm, Pure Thaim, Mai-Thaim (for adults) and DermiSpa make up the exciting Magnesium Sulphate bath salt range available from Therific Naturals. 

Advantages for kids: Bath time is fun time, safe for all ages and skin types, known to improve sleep patterns, alleviate teething reduce hyperactivity. Gentle enough for new born skin. Alleviates colic and calms restless babies.

Advantages for adults: Soothes eczema, reduce the risk of pre-eclampsia, alleviates lower back pain and contractions in pregnancy, natural antiseptic and disinfectant. 

Health benefits for all ages and all skin types..

Agent Kempton Park: Janine Jackson - 072 5926291

Toy Toggle

ToyToggle stops toys and bottles from constantly being dropped on the floor. This handy, new product (designed with moms in mind) keeps your child’s toys, bottles, any size sippy-cups or dummies (and more!) securely attached to their highchair, car seat or pram. They’re kept clean (preventing constant sterilizing) and within easy-reach of your child. And the best part? No more lost toys!

Tough, durable and keeps baby’s bottle clean – click on the “Review and Special Offer” button below.

Kids Book Club

Watch your Kids achieve through reading. Watch your Kids develop through reading. Watch your Kids grow through reading. Watch your Kids soar through reading.

Receive a carry bag to colour in, books to read and interact with, an activity pack to keep your kids busy and an awesome collectable. All packed with love and delivered directly to your door monthly for all to enjoy.

Reading leads to amazing development – click on the “Review and Special Offer” button below.

Toys with Roots

Toys with Roots was founded by Mpumi and Thabo Motsabi out of a passion to help African children develop self love through play! It was also an answer to the call of many parents who just could not find toys that represented the African child.

Our mission is to become the go to store for toys and other kiddie products that celebrate African children. We also believe that these toys, sourced from like minded and passionate suppliers, will help to foster an appreciation of diversity, understanding and friendship between children of different cultural backgrounds. We live in a diverse country and have much to celebrate.

Toys with Roots currently holds Ntombenhle dollsBaby Thando, Lali, The A girls, Akiki dolls, Akiki books, a series of Zulu and Sotho children’s books and Phenduka reversible shoes & bib set for babies.

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